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This Marketing Information Card Is Created for Catamount Ski and Snowboard Customers

1. What is great about Catamount?
Catamount's Berkshire Region location, with a variety of terrain covering 1000 vertical feet, dependable snowmaking and close proximity to New York's Hudson Valley, Connecticut and Massachusetts, makes our mountain the place to ski and ride throughout the winter! 

New addition to the 28 ski trails: a major snowboard Megaplex, check out our snowboarding site!

(Please send us an email about what additional information you need for planning your Catamount trip)

"Please Everyone Is Our Motto"

Catamount takes pride in its snowmaking and grooming ability on 100% of the Mountain. Featuring CATAPULT with a winch cat to groom its 65% grade plus 300 snow guns on site. And with the addition of two Bombardier grooming vehicles, we'll be able to provide the best snow conditions possible.

 The following photos  


will give you a clue and please feel free to visit web sites to learn about the Catamount.

Catamount offers winter fun to everyone, family and groups. Come for a day, an evening, a weekend or the entire week, you will find that Catamount will be always ready for your pleasure. 

2. Ski:          
Catamount is a true gem for cruising. Wide open boulevards are perfect for beginners 
and intermediates alike while the steep Catapult features one of the nastiest pitches in the area.

Ski and ride the most varied terrain in the Berkshires. 
With 28 trails - each one unique, catering to all abilities from first-time skiers to advanced.

New Addition - THE SIDEWINDER Trail. Formerly known as Wax Run, Upper and Lower Sidewinder are intermediate trails that offer great views as you cruise. With 60 new snow guns on the trails, Upper & Lower Sidewinder will have dependable snow coverage throughout the season. Making room for Upper Sidewinder, Upper Alley Cat has been redesigned as a Black Diamond trail

Catamount takes pride in its snowmaking and grooming ability on 100% of the Mountain. Featuring CATAPULT with a winch cat to groom its 65% grade plus 300 snow guns on site. And with the addition of two Bombardier grooming vehicles, we'll be able to provide the best snow conditions possible. This year, Catamount is pleased to open the Snowboard Megaplex for its second season. The jumps, rail, table tops and 400 foot half-pipe were a huge success last year. The Megaplex is secluded with its own surface lift and lights for night operations. And our hard-working Pipe Dragon groomer assures optimum surface conditions.

Call us if you need more information or check out the weather website listed below for snow conditions at Catamount.

3. Snowboard:    

Introducing the best ride in the region. Catamount is ready to bust out our new Megaplex Terrain Park.
This insanely-fun park, secluded from the rest of the mountain, flows from the start with berms, rails, banks, jumps, spines, kickers, tabletops, and a huge 400 foot halfpipe.

To produce a ride that will get you stoked, Catamount's Pipe Dragon gets the job done.

Ride the Snowboard Megaplex over and over again. You'll find something new and radical each time. The added convenience of an exclusive surface lift in the park, plus lights for night time operations, make Catamount's Snowboard Megaplex the place to get energized the winter.

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4. Racing:              

Catamount's Race Department offers  a number of racing services for private groups, Ski Clubs, School Race Teams and Corporate Race Teams who seek Catamount's assistance to achieve a winning edge…

Let us add your group to the list. We offer race programs such as Single or Dual Course Racing, Race Training, Clinics and Timed Course Runs. Catamount's Race Department is on hand seven days a week, night or day, to work with you and your team.

Planning a fun group outing with your church or school or scout? Catamount's Race Department can help you to create a special event for that day on the slopes with fun races that all levels of Skiers 
and Snowboarders can participate in. For more information on what Catamount 
Ski Area's Race Department can do for you call (518) 325-3200 or (413) 528-1262. For a Race Team Application, click here.

Catamount's INTERCLUB race team is the ideal training ground for the young racer. Children, from ages 6 to 15, develop style and technique through proper coaching of ski and race fundamentals, 
and still have fun along the way. The INTERCLUB race team travels to and competes with other Berkshire ski areas. Catamount Ski Area will also host a home race. Race training is held every Saturday and Sunday from December 9th to March 4th (except on race days) from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm with a 1 hour lunch break (unsupervised). Team members must have a competitor's license from the USSA, these forms are available at Catamount's main office. Helmets are required for all Giant Slalom 
Catamount's RACE CAMP is included in the interclub Race Team Race Program. This RACE CAMP, is a 5 day program of race instruction, course drills, timed runs and more, that runs from Dec. 
26th to Dec. 30th. Racers will meet each day at 9:00 am at the Race Center and finish the day at 2:30 pm with a 1 hour lunch break (unsupervised). RACE CAMP is the time to work on trimming those extra seconds off your finish line time. Bring your helmets and your racer's attitude. Don't be late - we like to hit the slopes on time.

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5. Lessons

Whether you're new to the slopes or just need to touch up your skills, take a lesson 
from our PSIA and AASI Trained instructors. We'll take your abilities to the next level!  

We have Beginners, Group, and Private lessons as well as children's program 

Snow Condition Jargon

CORN = Corn Snow 

NS = Night Skiing
FRGR = Frozen Granular SC = Spring Conditions
GRMG = Grooming SM = Snowmaking
HP = Hard Packed SNBRD = Snowboard
LSGR = Loose Granular T2B = Top to Bottom
MGS = Machine Groomed VC = Variable Conditions
N/A = Not reported by Ski Area WETGR = Wet Granular
PDR = Powder WETSN = Wet Snow
PP = Packed Powder WETPS = Wet Packed Snow

6. Catamount Telephone Directory

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7. Directions and Contact Information for Catamount

Catamount Ski Area
New York Highway Route 22

Website: www.catamountski.com
CodecPhone Website: www.CodecPhone.com (for how to get and use Codecphone)
Phone:(518) 325-3200 or (413) 528-1262
FAX: 914-347-2454
Email: sales@i800-2u.com
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