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    1. What is LIBRIS        
    2. Testimonial     
    3. Coverage Offered     
    4. Business & Workers' Compensation Insurance

    5. Quick, Responsive Claims Service
    6. Loss Prevention
    7. Contacts
    8. Browse Bookstore Directory
    9. Convention and Exhibits
  10. Book Events (2002)

I.  What is LIBRIS
LIBRIS (League of Independent Book Retailer Insurance Services) is a business property, liability and workers' compensation insurance program owned by the ABA (American Book Association, ) and designed exclusively for independent booksellers.

The LIBRIS Program is underwritten by Fireman's Fund, one of the strongest, most reputable insurers in the nation.   You can have confidence in the financial strength that Fireman's Fund provides.

As a policyholder, you will have opportunities to receive annual dividends (partial return of premiums paid).   The board of LIBRIS is committed to paying dividends on a regular basis.  A dividend of 10% was declared and paid, in January, 1999 to LIBRIS business insurance policyholders of record from June 1997 to December 1997.  In addition, in October, 1999, 5% dividends were declared on both the business insurance and workers' compensation policies for subsequent policy periods. Dividends are based on the loss experience of program participants, which varies greatly from other insurers who base dividends on the performance of all policyholders, not just booksellers.

For more information, please contact
Alison Murray
League of Independent Book Retailer Insurance Services
1655 Lafayette Street, Suite 200
Denver, CO 80218
(888) 694-8585
Fax: (303) 388-5585

II. Testimonial

"The personnel at the ABA (Book Expo) were very informative and helpful. The coverage we have is equal to or better than what we had before LIBRIS. The service is fine.  The relationship with LIBRIS for booksellers is a big win for the bookseller: reduced costs for more coverage! " Mr. Pat Ginther, Brown Book Shop, Inc. - Houston, TX Member of American Booksellers Assn ; BookSense

"I can honestly say that I find the people at LIBRIS very responsive and prompt.  As far as insurance "people" go they are probably the best I've ever worked with." Ms. Laure Laundy, CPA, Boulder Bookstore - Boulder, CO Member of American Booksellers Assn ; BookSense ; Mountains & Plains
Booksellers Association

"We have had an excellent working relationship with our insurance representatives" Ms. Margie Keenan, Tattered Cover Books - Denver, Colorado Member of American Booksellers Assn ; BookSense ; Mountains & Plains Booksellers Association.

 "Our business is selling books.   We don't have the time to constantly shop for insurance.  Upon receiving our hassle-free quote, we were pleasantly surprised at the savings.  We receive prompt, courteous service.  It is a pleasure to deal with their knowledgeable professionals." Mr. Robert Kutik, Womrath's Bookstore - Hackensack, New Jersey Member of American Booksellers Assn, New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association, The Association of Booksellers for Children

"Because of your knowledge of the bookselling business, you knew more about Inkwood Books in two phone calls than our former insurance representative knew after 8 years.  Even after your sales job was done, your continued interest has been a delightful surprise.  I am also thrilled to be able to endorse a program for booksellers provided by the American Booksellers Association, and hope that our fellow booksellers will take advantage of your able assistance as well." Ms. Carla Jimenez, Inkwood Books - Tampa, Florida Member of American Booksellers Assn, Booksense, Southeast Bookseller's Association

Policyholder Profile - 2nd Look Books  the following may be put in a closed box:

We are a used bookstore committed to providing our customers the broadest possible selection of books in fair to mint condition. Our inventory of over 170,000 is organized into over 200 categories of fiction & non-fiction, paperback & hardcover. Our books range in age from rare 19th century to current best sellers.

Our only specific political bias is a fierce belief in the freedom of speech and a critical need to support independent book sellers. We are advocates of recycling anything and everything we can.

We have been in business since July 1982 in Lincoln Heights Shopping Center 5 miles southeast of downtown Spokane, Washington. There's plenty of free parking with easy access for the convenience of our diverse customer base.

In June 1999 we placed our entire inventory of over 170,000 titles in a searchable database for our internet and local walk-in customers. You are invited to search our inventory by title or author and email us at buybooks@2ndlookbooks.com if you want a book or want more information about a book. You are always invited to come visit us whenever you come to or through Spokane, Washington, USA.

III. Coverage Offered

- Internet Service Protection  
- Coverage for used/rare books
- Coverage for bookstore cafe's    
- Liability coverage for visiting authors
- Coverage for property at fairs/exhibitions  
- Liability coverage for on and offsite events

IV. Business & Workers' Compensation Insurance

- Replacement settlement on buildings and business personal property
- Business Income and Extra Expense 
- Computer Equipment
- Glass breakage
- interior /exterior
- Earthquake Sprinkler Leakage*
- Fine Art Coverage     
- Valuable Papers
- Accounts Receivable Records
- Employee Dishonesty
- Theft 
- Business Liability
- Tenant Legal Liability
- Hired / Non-owned Auto Liability 
- Employee Benefits Liability
- Business Umbrella   
* not available in all states

V. Quick, Responsive Claims Service

The claims of our policyholders are handled by experienced Firemans Fund claims adjusters operating under the guidelines of the LIBRIS Program.  No matter your location within the United States, Firemans Fund will respond quickly to meet your needs.  In addition, please don't hesitate to contact
the LIBRIS team of professionals with questions or concerns you may have. Phone Dialer animated (Click and Call  1-888-694-8585)  

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VI. Loss Prevention

As a service to our policyholders,  LIBRIS continually conducts loss prevention surveys on selected bookstores and those booksellers requesting this service.   The survey assists booksellers by identifying safety and risk management issues.   To request a survey or obtain information on
safety programs, please contact us.

VII. Contacts

LIBRIS Customer Service
To report a property or liability claim
Report a workers' compensation claim
1-888-347-3428 (888 FIREHAT)  
Telephone Directory for Click and Call
ABA (800) 637-0037 

Board of Directors
ABA Booksellers Advisory Council