written & performed by Leni Stern- guitar & vocals - with band ©2002 L. Stern (SESAC/GEMA)
from the CD "Finally the Rain Has Come", produced by Leni Stern & George Whitty

to all victims of terror

The air is filled with smoke
The smell of fire surrounds us
it's entering our homes
The face of evil is obvious

Where is god, where is god
And all his angels singing
Where is god
My end, my beginning
Where is god?

When our sadness is so deep, we could all drown in it
When our hearts are so heavy we canít sleep
When the face of any stranger looks beautiful
And the end of the day brings no relief

Where is god?.

And in my dreams you came to see me
Something told me who you are
you brought fear, you brought destruction
You made the towers fall
And in my dreams I hear you asking
Am I a hero, loved by all?
You're the ghost that burned my city
And in my dreams I hear you call

Where is god?

And I wonder did you feel
For all the people trapped inside
Did you see you mother's face
Did you call out god is great
I wonder did you cry

Where is god?