written by Chris O'Brien on 9/14/01 2001 Chris O'Brien (BMI)
Performed by Chris O'Brien and the Tequila Rose Band
Chris O'Brien-Lead Vocals/Bass Guitar
Khris Dodge-Keyboards
Bob Heckman-Electric Guitar
Patrick O'Brien-Acoustic Guitar
Marty Acuna-Drums
Michelle Munoz-Harmony Vocals
Recorded on 9/16/01 in my parents living room. (Chris and Diane O'Brien)
Produced by Jim Labukas, Chris O'Brien, and Patrick O'Brien

The pride of a Nation was tested today
A United Nation, the U.S.A.
I share a tear with those who cried,
And I'll live my life for those who died

America speaks every time it's spoken to
America bleeds Red, White, and Blue

Let's join hands together
United it's forever
Hold your head up high

Prayers to families
Who will send their sons across the seas.
May you be in God's Eyes,
And fly our Flag high

The pride of a Nation shined true today
America made it another day
Americans speak every time they're spoken to
Americans breathe Red, White & Blue